The Process of Email Marketing



I am going to present this to you in a step-by-step process.

This is something of a masterpiece because of its simplicity. Sure, it takes a little work to get it going, but once it’s complete, it’s on near autopilot.

1. Find or create your giveaway product in exchange for an email address. (This should be THE ONLY product your ever give away)
2. Sign up for an auto responder account, create your list, and set up your follow up emails.
3. Set up a squeeze page in which the freebie product is obtained.
4. User is automatically subscribed to your list through the obtaining of their free product, and then directed to a “thank you” page, which contains your One Time Offer (OTO).
5. User receives an email with their download link for the giveaway product, which contains an affiliate offer.
6. Begin selling your own products, or PLR/MRR products, to your subscribers.
7. If a subscriber buys a product, they are automatically moved to your buyers list from your subscribers list.
8. Manual broadcast emails are sent out through your autoresponder account,  in which you advertise other products you are selling.
9. Use different strategies to get traffic to your squeeze page.
10. You are finished! You continue to repeat step #8 and #9.

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